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When deciding which IT security company you should trust, there are a few seals of approval which can give helpful guidance. They show which companies offer comprehensive cyber protection, handle your confidential data responsibly and protect your privacy.

Our seals of approval "IT security - Made in Germany" and "Cybersecurity - Made in Europe" are proof of trustworthy security solutions from G DATA. The solutions comply with strict German and European data protection laws and contain no backdoors for intelligence services.

TeleTrusT Seal of Approval: "IT Security - Made in Germany"

As an ITSMIG member, G DATA has been committed to fulfilling the five criteria relevant to the quality mark since 2011:

  • The company headquarters must be in Germany
  • The company must offer trustworthy IT security solutions
  • The offered products must not contain hidden accesses (no "backdoors")
  • The company's IT security research and development must take place in Germany
  • The company must comply with the requirements of German data protection laws

IT security solutions must effectively protect against all kinds of threats - a distinction between malicious code from eCrime sources and that from intelligence services must not exist and would be fatal. In this regard, our company takes a pioneering role to protect the interests of customers and we therefore signed the respective TeleTrust voluntary commitment already in 2011.

The ECSO Label: "Cybersecurity Made in Europe"

G DATA is one of the first security companies to receive the "Cybersecurity Made in Europe" label from the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO). This means that we fully meet the following criteria:

  • The head office of the company is located in Europe 
  • The majority of the employees are employed in Europe  
  • The core market is Europe  
  • Compliance with the 12 basic security requirements specified by ENISA as essential for products and services in information and communication technology to be considered secure - Download.

With the ECSO label, we now have the opportunity to demonstrate our promise of a trustworthy IT security solution across Europe. For us, it has been clear for a long time: There are no backdoors in our software.

G DATA – What makes us tick

We developed the world’s first antivirus software in 1987. Working from Germany, 500 employees now ensure the security of companies both large and small, critical infrastructures (CI), and millions of end customers all over the world with expertise and innovations. We support our customers in every situation with comprehensive solutions and services: We uncover vulnerabilities in networks, advise companies and develop award-winning IT security software with state-of-the-art AI technologies. We train employees in IT security, protect entire corporations from cybercrime, and take on the attackers in an IT emergency.

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